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Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear
Giant Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear - 100 CM


Teddy Bear - 130 CM


Teddy Bear - 160 CM


Teddy Bear - 200 CM


Teddy Bear - 260 CM


Teddy Bear - 340 CM


Panda Teddy Bear - 130 CM


Panda Teddy Bear - 160 CM


Panda Teddy Bear - 200 CM


Pink Teddy Bear - 130 CM


Pink Teddy Bear - 160 CM


Pink Teddy Bear - 200 CM


White Teddy Bear - 130 CM


White Teddy Bear - 160 CM


White Teddy Bear - 200 CM



Hi, My Name is Teddy!

Hi, My Name Is Teddy - Big - Huge - Giant teddy bear!

I am a big, soft and fuzzy teddy bear. Although I don’t have a beating heart, I am filled with love from ears to paws. I am eager to hit the road to your home, because I know that after meeting each other we will surely become inseparable best friends. Do you have any ideas about what we could do while spending time together? Because my suitcase is already packed!

Girl spend time with friend giant teddy bear

Let‘s spend time together!


Teddy will bring coziness and warmth into your home because this new roommate will be next to you in all kinds of everyday situations. Take Teddy while watching a movie and he will gladly hold your hand if you get scared. Teddy will be thrilled to be part of your everyday life. You will be able to share your joy with him, and if you are sad he will light up your day.

Gift for girlfriend - giant teddy bear

Please, let me be with you all the time!


Teddy gets sad if he cannot see you for a long time. That is why he will be happy to have a chance to travel with you. Whether it is a park, sea coast, a rural house or even a foreign country, it will become Teddy‘s favorite place because all that matters is being able to be with you. Wouldn‘t it be nice to have a soft and fuzzy companion for your trip to make it an even more memorable experience?

Huge teddy bear

Consideration is my middle name!


Teddy is filled with love and he is willing to share it with you. If you have hugs to spare, he will return your affection in the same manner. Invite him to sleep with you, and he will become the happiest teddy bear in the world, and while you are sleeping he will protect you from any bad dreams you might be having. Teddy will listen to all your thoughts and maybe you will even be able to trust him with your biggest secrets he will never reveal to anyone.




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